King's whim (2019)
The king wants a theatre play. He doesn't know what he wants, but he wants it right now. A playwright and a jester must collaborate to create a story to satisfy the king and they only have 30 minutes to please the king's whim. Their lives depend on it.

This improvised play highlights the importance of oral tradition and storytelling through two different and conflicting characters: a calm, brain-centered playwright and a wacky physical jester.

Once upon a time... (2017) 

An improvised play for curious, creative kids. A book full of blank pages and a storyteller ready to make up the stories with the help of the children and adults in the audience. Superheroes and superheroines. Princes and princesses. Cute criatures and horrible monsters. Everything could happen when kids are the ones in charge of telling the stories.

Any given day (2014)

The birthday of a member of the audience is the trigger for a series of scenes inspired by different historical events that took place on that day throughout history. Any given day expores the infinite posibilities of improvisation through short scenes in which the dialogues and character relations play a fundamental role.

This format is currently played by different groups in Argentina, Peru, Chile and Spain.

Bonds (2010)

Small improvised stories about ourselves and our relations. Relations that are simple or complex; short or lasting; meaningful or superfluous; real or fictional. Every person we meet has a certain influence in our lives. Every person we cross is a detour in our path.

Swing! (2007)

Swing! was one of the first narrative improv shows ever in Buenos Aires and one of the first in Latin America. Three improvisers create three totally independent stories based each on a word given by the audience and then, during a fourth story, all the previous stories will mix into a new one.