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Global Impro is a project created in 2006 by Feña Ortalli and Marcelo Martín with the aim of organizing an international community of independent improvisers and groups to share experiences, organize events, and coordinate efforts to put improvisational theater in the place it deserves.

In order to achieve that we produce shows, courses, festivals, and even an impro magazine! 

· School ·

Do you want to incorporate new tools? Do you want to dig deeper into the technique? Do you want to become a professional actor, director, or teacher specializing in improvisation?

In Global Impro you will find different classes, intensives and courses taught by experienced and recognized professionals for an affordable price so you can keep learning and having fun.

It doesn't matter where you live! In our Online School you will have access to classes specifically designed for the virtual world, with practical exercises and theoretical content.


· shows ·

KING'S WHIM (2019)

The king wants a theatre play. He doesn't know what he wants, but he
wants it right now. A playwright and a jester must collaborate to create a story to satisfy the king and they only have 30 minutes to please the king's whim. Their lives depend on it.

This improvised play highlights the importance of oral tradition and
storytelling through two different and conflicting characters: a calm,
brain-centered playwright and a wacky physical jester.


The birthday of a member of the audience is the trigger for a series of scenes inspired by different historical events that took place on that day throughout history. Any given day explores the infinite possibilities of improvisation through short scenes in which the dialogues and character relations play a fundamental role.


Do you want to know what's happening in the impro world?

Do you want to take look inside the minds of amazing improvisers?

Do you want to discover new communities?

Status is a digital magazine specialized in improvisational theatre, founded in July 2011. Every month, Status is sent to over 1500 subscribers worldwide in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish). Since 2011, we have interviewed the most important names of the international community and published hundreds of articles about our art form.

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