Global Impro is a project created in 2006 by Feña Ortalli and Marcelo Martín with the aim of organizing an international community of independent improvisers and impro companies worldwide to share experiences, organize events and coordinate efforts in the fight to put theatrical improvisation in the place it deserves.


In 2010 the pedagogical branch of the company was inaugurated and since then we have shared our discoveries and learning in more than 20 countries in America and Europe.


Since 2011 we have been producing Status, the most important magazine specialized in theatrical improvisation in the world. The main references of the environment have passed through its pages and its audience extends to more than 1500 readers on all continents and translated into six languages.


However, the most important task carried out by Global Impro in these years has been to generate contacts and maintain a fluid communication and exchange with colleagues from different latitudes in order to consolidate the union that we proclaim so much.


Classes. Workshops. Courses.

Are you looking to incorporate new tools? Do you want to deepen your knowledge? Are you looking to professionalize yourself as an interpreter, director or specialist teacher in theatrical improvisation?


At Global Impro you will find different classes, workshops and courses taught by teachers with extensive experience and recognized international trajectory at an affordable price so that you can continue learning and having fun.


Don't you live in Madrid? Don't worry! In our Online School you will have access to classes and courses designed exclusively for the virtual environment, with practical exercises, theoretical content and multimedia material. In addition, you will have the possibility of sharing the classroom with colleagues from all over the world.





"At the Impro Gym I was able to question everything I know about impro and enjoy from another calm."



"Virtuality allowed me to get closer to something that perhaps I could not have done in the short term."




“I really enjoyed the course and felt I progressed more in those 6 hours than the last 12 months”.



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